Posted: July 2nd, 2017

Opal Waltz – from Vincent Tsui

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Posted: June 29th, 2017

The art of making a nixie tube.

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Some of the most coolest things ever. I hope these make a comeback. I want one to show the geolocation of where it was. that would be cool.

Posted: June 25th, 2017

Johnny Depp and Masaharu Fukuyama promoting beer.

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they are just enjoying the nice view and jamming out. some scenes it looks like good ole johnny is constipated. 😀

Posted: June 24th, 2017


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just snek. snekking around.

Posted: June 24th, 2017


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famous dag. its cute. it slept on the window. noice dag.

by user Aeternitas

by user tillanidiot


famous godiva comm

other vids

Dag even had its own wiki pageèle_(dog)

where the famous dag lived

Older Poop